PAG Pallet 88 x 125"

The PalNet PAG air cargo pallet is one of the most common pallet in the aviation industry. It´s performs day in and day out around the world.

The PAG pallet is made of a high resistant aluminium sheet (alloy 7021-T6) and four edge rails (alloy 7020-T6) with a continuous seat track according to MS 33601A. The four edge rails are forming a frame around the sheet. The sheet and the edge rails are connected by high tensile aluminium forged corners and stainless steel rivets around the perimeter of the edge rail frame. Due to the non- welded construction, damaged edge rails are easy to replace.


Size 88 x 125"
Part-Number 25 A 04
MGW 6,804 kg / 15,000 lbs
Tare weight  
4.0 mm sheet 93 kg / 205 lbs
3.5 mm sheet 86 kg / 190 lbs
3.0 mm sheet 79 kg / 174 lbs
NAS 3610-Code 2A6P

Documentation: CMM and IPL are available on request

Certification: JAA, FAA and CAA Taiwan

Options on all standard pallets

PalNet offers you besides its standard configuration options on your pallets such as:

  • your airlines logo in the middle of the base sheet
  • net attachment points lacquered in red colour
  • IATA Codes engraved on red insert on all four sides

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